Range Rights and Resource Symposium

Saturday, April 21, 2018

John Duarte
Welcome to Modesto the Food Capital of the World

Kimberly Fletccher
Kimberly Fletccher
All Issues are Mom Issues

Rodger Savory
Rodger Savory
Soil Health: Key to Abundance

Angus McIntosh
Angus McIntosh
Negotiating your Land Rights Face to Face

Weston Jones
Weston Jones
Delivering the Constitution

Forest Sprague
Forrest Sprague
Water and Government/Private Inequities in Government Enforcement

Sheriff Adam Christensen
Stanislaus County Sheriff

Chuck Miller
Coordination – Land Use Planning

Beth Ann
Beth Ann Schoeneberg
What Resonates With Listeners

Ammon Bundy
Ammon Bundy
Modern Day Robbers

All Speakers Q&A Panel
Day Two-Panel Discussion

Trent Loos
Concluding Remarks